Dan Dubeau, the creator and visionary of the Community Cup, has decided to step aside and test out some new projects.  He writes, “It was a terribly hard decision to make; I love the Community Cup and I am extremely proud of it and honoured to know everyone who supported it and me for the past 10 years.  I have left the very capable, dedicated, fun, and organized Laurie Hinsperger with the lead role in executing the program and annual event.
I am currently working on some entrepreneurial initiatives that will be announced shortly, as well I am working with Motivate Canada as the new manager of the ACTIVATE program – Check us out at www.motivateCanada.ca.
I will continue to play a role in the Community Cup.  As you may know, it is a massive undertaking that relies heavily on volunteers, partners, and sponsors.  Perhaps I will experience what it is like to be all three of those this year!  I will attend and participate fully in as many meetings as possible, but ultimate direction will come from Laurie and the staff team at the Catholic Centre for Immigrants.  You have all touched my life personally and professionally for many years and I feel I owe you so much.  Thank you for sharing your passion, your expertise, your energy, and your time with this idea that a simple soccer tournament could have such an impact on the communities we live in.  I still have big dreams for the Community Cup and I see the potential.  With your help we can break down barriers, connect the entire community and the country through recreation and accessible sport!
Laurie Hinsperger, previous assistant to Dan Dubeau, has stepped up to take on the role of Acting Director for the Community Cup Program and Event.  She states, “Thanks Dan!  You have been a great mentor and partner in the Community Cup Program and Event for the past four years and I appreciate your confidence in my capabilities to take over.  I look forward to your continued role as an advisory member and mentor to myself over the coming months.
I am very excited to be entering into a new chapter of my life and look forward to working with some amazing volunteers, both new and continuing, and sponsors and partners, both new and continuing.  I also have the privilege of working with some amazing people at the Catholic Centre for Immigrants, who have also supported me throughout my years at the Catholic Centre for Immigrants.
Community Cup builds welcoming communities and promotes and supports social and professional networking that is very important for newcomers to Canada.  Through sport and volunteer opportunities, we hope that newcomers will feel less isolated and more connected to their communities and Ottawa as a whole.
Community Cup is:  Learn, Play, Connect and Celebrate!
AdamI am also lucky to have our newest Community Cup Team Member, Adam Janes, onboard as Event Management Assistant to support in the execution of the Community Cup and hopefully many other events leading up to the June Event.
“Coming on board with the Community Cup has been a rich and exciting experience. The diversity and friendship of people from Canada and around the world is to me a priceless and all too rare gift. What the Community Cup is doing through the guidance of the Catholic Centre for Immigrants is honorable and building the Canada of tomorrow.
I come from a career of ten years professionally planning events and programs in the community and the Community Cup is on par with the most meaningful things I have accomplished.  I am a passionate and dedicated leader and hope to help continue the legacy of the Community Cup alongside the great team of volunteers and supporters.
I look forward to helping newcomers and established Canadians:
Learn about diversity and integration
Play in amazing sport and community events together
Connect new friendships and networks to find meaningful work
Celebrate together with music, dancing, great food and smiling faces
I also look forward to meeting many, many amazing people and making new friends along the way!”

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