Community Cup 2014 – Empowerment Squared held its’ second annual Community Cup event on August 9th, 2014 at Cork Town Park. The day began with speeches from notable figures in the community including two Ward Councillors, Jason Farr and Brian McHattie and the MPP, Andrea Horwarth. There was also some entertainment by some local artists,.. read more →

Community Cup 2014 – Integration Network Program – Catholic Community Services of York Region The months and weeks of preparation with York Regional Police resulted in a very busy and successful day at Richvale Park in Richmond Hill for our joint venture with York Regional Police. More than 900 people attended the event. With 121 volunteers.. read more →

The Catholic Centre for Immigrants celebrated its 60th Anniversary on October 23rd at the Bruyère Centre located on 219 Argyle Avenue.  It was a celebration to bring community supporters together to share stories and to feel pride in what has been accomplished working together.  There was an open house to give community supporters a change.. read more →